Timmy The Turtle

See how Timay The Turtle overcomes exclusion and bullying with a little help from his friends.

A fun, animated trailer created by those on the spectrum to raise awareness, encourage acceptance, stop bullying and develop friendships.

Get behind acceptance, kindness, and inclusion for our friends with autism.

Timay the Turtle is a story written by Richard Habelrih, a young man on the autism spectrum. Richard transforms his experiences growing up with constant bullying into a story that inspires friendship and inclusion.

Originally presented to children as a puppet show, Timay the Turtle has been re-imagined into an endearing animation with a powerful anti-bullying message.

Timay knows he doesn’t quite fit in but is confused why. He cannot understand why he finds life so hard. Whether it be in the ocean or on land, Timay struggles to fit in and make friends.

Rejection after rejection teaches Timay and his friend Danny, lessons in leadership and that there is empowerment in kindness.

Timay learns it’s ok to be different, and that all it takes is one person to step up and form a true-blue connection that will lead tons to spark a valuable friendship.

The story is re-created by script-writer Sarah Hope and lovingly produced by Maitree House. All the voice over artists, and many of the illustrators, are on the Autism Spectrum.

Children, adults and families living with autism will tell you that being included in everyday life can be a challenge.

Without realising it, or meaning to, invisible walls can be created in social activities with our friends on the spectrum, through lack of understanding.

Confusion around language, communication and social interpretation are the most common. Autistic children (and adults) may need extra effort processing and expressing their thoughts and feelings. A few other characteristics may include speech impairment, sensory overload, or difficulty regulating emotions.

In reverse, neurotypical children without meaning to, may misinterpret behaviour difficulties or missed social cues of their peers on the autism spectrum.

In simple terms, autistic people read people differently, and neurotypical people read autistic people differently. True intentions can be lost or misread.

Awareness and education of these challenges create patience, understanding and compassion. Knowledge provides space for those on the spectrum to adjust to their environment and enhance connection with their peers.

Watch the Video Trailer

Timay the Turtle is not just a fun animation. It is available as a digital download with a bonus workbook resource to reinforce the teachings in the animation.

This valuable guide is researched and written by Emily Hanlon, Clinical Psychologist, BA Arts (Psychology). PostGradDip (Psych). Mpsych (Clinical). Assoc. MAPS

It’s a classroom resource for teachers to help explore the themes of kindness, leadership, acceptance of diversity. To create education, awareness and understanding. A platform for developing strategies and methods for autistic and non-autistic students, workmates, and our wider community to foster connection and acceptance.

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Fun & Engaging

Fun, engaging and touching animation valuable to schools, and communities.

Bonus Resources

Bonus resources written by a clinical psychologist and backed with research.

True to Life

Written based on real life experience with autism by Richard Habelrih

Support Artists

Supports artists with autism to pursue their talents.

Timay The Turtle is the proud creation of Richard Habelrih and brought to life by Autism MATES

Autism MATES strives to make a positive impact to those living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

MATES is an acronym for Mates Assisting To Engage Socially.

Autism MATES is based in Australia: We are Australian, and Australia’s DNA is built on the values of ‘mateship’. This doesn’t stop at those with ASD.

Timay the Turtle and Autism MATES work towards shifting the perspective of Autism and encouraging friendships and inclusivity in our education system and greater society.

We don’t want Autism viewed with a victim mentality or with a sympathy mindset. Timay the Turtle and Autism MATES are about empowerment and focusing on strengths and achievements. We recognise the values in our friends with Autism, their values and positive contributions to our world.

How to bring Timay the Turtle to your school

Order your digital download of Timay the Turtle’s animated story today.
You will be emailed a copy of the bonus workbook packed full of value and exercises to instil the learnings from the video.
Share the story of Timay and Danny’s friendship with your students. Discuss how to implement the learnings using the guidance of the accompanying workbook which will help develop conversations and strategies around the themes presented in the animation. There are activities for different age groups.

Autism can be misunderstood or misinterpreted, and we want to change this.

Autism can make students the targets of bullying 45% of young people experience bullying before the age of 18. 38% of young people believe that their school does not take bullying seriously enough. Peers are present as onlookers in 85% of bullying interactions. That means around 85% of people watch and do nothing.

We want to remove the limiting beliefs around Autism

Parents of children with ASD see the challenges their children go through in social situations. Judgements can be ‘poor behaviour’ when really their child is having difficulty with sensory overload, expressing their feelings appropriately or connecting with their peers. Timay the Turtle shows children and adults new ways to connect with our Autistic friends.


That was the speech that started the conversation at our schools! Richard you have brought so much to Star Club... thank you thank you thank you. The children are waiting to have you visit again.

Michelle Bouabaid

Richard and his work is a gift to our community.

Zoe Martin

You continue to amaze me. Richard you are an inspiration to many. Keep up the good work.

Maria Agia-Kronfli

Richard is truly an amazing human being and so inspirational.

Jit Tamber

FANTASTIC, Richard! You are making such a difference in this world and I think you have found your purpose.

Sally Westenberger Hunt

How much is inclusion?

While there’s no price on inclusion, the Timay the Turtle downloadable animation and bonus workbook is priced at just $697

Purchase Timay the Turtle Digital Animation & Workbook for your school

The workbook is written by  Emily Hanlon, Clinical Psychologist, BA Arts (Psychology). PostGradDip (Psych). Mpsych (Clinical). Assoc. MAPS

The animation is available for schools and interested parties to purchase as a digital download coupled with a valuable resource in the form of workbook to help schools reinforce the themes presented in the animation.

Digital Animation & Workbook

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